Arbitrage betting stake calculator

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The odds for this bet. Acceptable formats are:

  • Decimal: just type the value, eg "5.5".
  • Fractional: type the value using "/" as the separator, eg "9/2".
  • American: type the value starting with "+" or "-", eg "+450".

You can use different formats at each bookmaker.


Commission charged at this bookmaker. Normally zero at traditional bookmakers but charged at exchanges.

The value you type will be stored in a cookie.


The stake for this bet.

Changing the currency for this bookmaker will automatically update this value.

Retained stake

For a free bet this is often the same as the stake, but in some circumstances you may need to specify a separate value. For example, if your bet is matched with a free bet on the same selection, type the free bet amount here and the total of your normal stake plus free amount in the stake box.

Changing the currency for this bookmaker will automatically update this value.

Bet type

Select whether you are backing or laying the selection at this bookmaker.

Calculate stake

Select which bet you wish to calculate the stake for. You will need to type the stake for the other bet. This can be helpful if, for example, you know how much you want to lay at an exchange and need to calculate the corresponding bet stake.

If you clear the tick box you will need to supply both stakes, and only the resulting profit or loss will be calculated.

Equal profit/loss

With this option selected, the calculator will aim to equalise your profit or loss regardless of which bet wins.

Specify profit/loss

With this option selected, you are able to specify a fixed profit or loss when the chosen bet wins.

Changing the currency that the profit or loss is displayed in will automatically update this value.


Select the currency you use at this bookmaker.

Exchange rates

The exchange rate between your chosen currencies.

Rates are updated hourly, but if you prefer you may enter your own conversion rate. Your customised rate will be stored in a cookie for up to a week.

Profit/loss currency

The currency in which you wish to calculate your profit or loss when the bets are in different currencies.

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